Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Dora the Explorer Day!

Howdy all - this is Mr Amy Woods - and Miss Amy is out of the house on a well deserved weekend away with a few of her girlfriends. Sure that'll be a blog of somethin or another at some point, but I am just 24 hours into the weekend.... and I have already proven and sworn an oath in full bodied language to never take what my wife does for granted again!

I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... but not sure that includes keepin up with all 5 kids and this house completely solo. I DO NOT KNOW how this woman does it... seriously.... I am a pretty capable man if I do say so myself... often... but I have today met my match and have no where near the grace that my bride does in this daily role!!!

So - thought I would tell just one of several stories from the interesting day. And in tune with current kid shows of our era thought we would play a lil Dora the Explorer episode.
For those not quite hip with the 2-5 year old's lingo there-- its a basic 30 min show (infused with 14 min of commercials) that encourages cross cultural language learning with an exploration to find an answer in each episode. To find the answer you have to travel along with the Dora crew to find the clues to figure out what in the world could have happened.
Can you say "mejor el dang engaña el espectáculo en tv?"That's GREAT! I knew you could! Trabajo bueno!

So lets try this together!! You can do it!!
So kids, what do think this picture is?

Well... that's close (can you say cerca? - that's great- I knew you could!) but let's follow the clues and see how dad finally figured it out!

As we begin the journey - lets introduce some of our new friends:

Say hello to Harley everyone!
This cute lil addition to The Woods Gang is Natie Bug's new -

"I'll be responsible - I PROMISE" project...

She really is cute! And even dad is thrilled to have this lil Boxer in the family - she is an awesome dog and she is a smart and quick learner... just like you! Can you count to two en Espanol?

Uno.... Dos....

or Ooohhhh DOS!!!! Well Harley can two!!!

Just not yet sure between OUTside and INside... (Her homework for Monday is to read that book Inside Outside Updside Down... man that was my favorite!!)

But back to the story (No swiping Swiper!) rather than a fully educational and actual photo image for this portion of the exploration and Harley's contribution-- we'll go with this for the kids:

Well after hitting that lil road bump - and a note from our sponsors - the next major action figure needs to enter the scene from stage left...

Introducing lil China boy who loves that he's now a Texan!

Seriously folks - he loves his boots! Screw the pants - if he's got his boots on he's a happy camper.

So after Natalie got the clean up done for Harley's learning lesson, we noticed the smell was not dissipating... So next deductive reasoning point was to check out China Cowboy's saddle paddin and sure enough - foul enough wreakin there to make you wanna skip breakfast.

But as we kicked up our lil boots for a lil pit row quick change - low and behold -- part of Harley's business was screamin from the bottom of China Boy's boots!

Can you say "Crap!" little kids?? I know... I can too!!

So then back at the ranch and with a little further investigating we concluded that Lil China Boys boots must have been on a lil journey of their own!

He had traveled from the wood floors to the carpet... to the tile.... to his bed... to Adiah's bed.... and then to finish it off right he had a lil hoe down on top of the toy chest and ground that stuff right into the white paint on the chest and the window sill and the toys that happened to be there as well.

SO if you guessed it from the beginning as "That looks like Harley's poo off Rhett's lil boots onto the kid's toy chest... then you were right! Great job everybody - we knew you could do it!

El gran trabajo y nostros vamos a hasta la proxima vez!

(Great job and we'll see you next time!)

!! Amy le amo y no puedo esperale a ser de casa !!

(Amy, I love you and cannot wait for you to be home!)

peace out - gonna go crash in our bed and pray the two little ones are as tired as me and sleep all the way through the night!

- Brian

PS - I think in the 16 years Amy and I have been together I can count on all my natural digits the number of times I have done a load of laundry! Not because I can't, or am too male to help... it's just always done. Somehow clothes and sheets and blankets around here "magically" end up clean and you never think about it-- till you have more sheets and filthy blankets in your arms than you can hold and they can't all fit in the clothes washer EVEN when you flip that switch to "Extra Large" on the top panel! I did two loads today (and didn't screw it up!! ;-)

Seriously though - I am a blessed man who knows how blessed I am that the woman of this houses chooses to care for all these details. Without so much as a whisper of concern she keeps this house... and all these kids... and all these pets... and me...... all runnin smoothly full speed ahead.

I love you Amy Woods - you are amazing.


The Watson's said...

I am cracking up out here! Thanks for a great post, Brian. Just what I needed to end my day! Hope the rest of the solo time goes well and that Amy had a wonderful time with the girls. PS. Call Aaron and tell him of this idea...I am LOVING IT! :)

M Holly said...

Way to go, Brian. I knew you could do it!!!

Amy Woods said...

Brian Woods! You make me laugh and cry all at the same time!! I love you!! Great job cleaning that up before I got home! I kind of didn't need to know this happened....

Elissa said...

You two SO deserve each other, and I don't mean that in the way it usually means! Amy, you are the female equivalent of the man who not only doesn't high tail it to his mom's when he has the kids alone, and not only cleans up a widespread poopy mess himself, but BLOGS about it?? I mean, I'm just saying. Ladies and gentlemen, the Husband of the Year award goes to... could it be, the Wife of the Year's husband?? :)

Emily Woods said...

Daddy, you crack me up! Some one could read your explanantions and know nothing about you - and they would say, "This man must be a doctor!" :]

Mimi Martin said...

That's my awesome son, who loves his adorable wife, with all his heart - and it's mutual. Nothing makes me happier.
Love you two!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne Doiron said...

As you can tell, I have not been to Amy's blog site in a long while.

Brian, I have tears running down my cheek from laughing so really have a knack for storytelling! Maybe as a second can write an adult book on children's stories using your wonderful illustrations. A Dora the Explorer Adult version. You and Amy have such a way of telling the stories of your daily routine with kids. I think people would get a kick out of relating to your daily lives.

Brian said...

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Tina said...

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