Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random picture day

Going through some pictures on my camera and thought I'd do a random picture day. May you be wowed! In no particular order...

The kids found a little dead snake in the driveway and decided to do snake surgery and take pictures for their mom so she would have a heart attack.

My sweet 10 year old identical twin!

We had paint yourself (and your siblings) with pudding day. I don't think Ridge was too keen on the idea. I don't know what makes me think that.

Look at that chocolate child. I could just eat her!

My two oldest girls loved it too!! Until the bees decided that wanted to play and then it was over!
Emily and Ridge decided to make cookies and take pictures of each other while doing it. They had fun!

My sister, Sara, had a birthday. Isn't she a cute chicken? Even though we had nothing to do with this little stunt she still blamed us!

Oaks School of Leadership cook out at our house. Praise God it stopped raining just in time. Or that would have been 70 people in my house!! Where to sit?

Emily is on the 7th grade volleyball team. Go Em!!


Emily Woods said...

you should have seen the live snake they caught while Hope was babysitting . . . . .

Kristi said...

Lots of fun pictures, but I just can't get past how you must have freaked with the snake. What a fun bunch of kids...