Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Olympics 2024 here we come!

Adiah had her very first gymnastics class today! She had a great time...that's REALLY what matters, right? Right!! Actually, for it being her first time to take instruction from these people she did really well! Especially during the warm up and stretching segment. And I'm sure once she learns what certain moves are called she'll do fine. It was hilarious watching her, though, because she loves for people to take turns doing the same thing. At one point her instructor was trying to teach her to do a roll over on the trampoline and she would get behind Adiah, hold her hips and push her head to her toes and help her to roll over. Adiah only thought it was fair to help her instructor do one too. So she went behind her put her hands on her hips and told her to "Get down". So funny!!

Brian and I have commented for about a year now about how Adiah's thighs are very muscular. She's got some definition that I wish I had! And she has amazing upper body strength too. Like she'll do a pull up on the kitchen counter and just dangle there saying "look, mama". So it didn't surprise me when the owner of the gym walked by and said "Boy. She's got some legs on her doesn't she?". Yes, sir, she does.

Warm up!

Ooooo. Stretch it out, girl!

Walking in a "line" to her next event

So happy after her class because she got Minnie Mouse stamps on her hands!!


Jennifer T. said...

So stinkin cute.

Kelli said...

Love it! Those little pigtails are just the cutest! I can't believe how far she has come, she is so precious! Adiah is growing so fast, and so are your chickens! By the way, did I ever tell you how cute it is that you have chickens? I think it is adorable!

Amy Woods said...

Kelli, I'm glad someone thinks its adorable that I have chickens!! Could you tell my husband how you feel?

Kristi said...

If Kylie has her way we'll be spectators at the 2024 games right along with you!
She looks so proud of herself!

Tonya said...

Oh my word she is so cute!!!

Mike and I want to put Noelle in sometime. She's always pulling herself up and swinging. She'll say "look mommy i'm a money...hoo,hoo"

Adiah is adorable!