Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Date night (AKA Take your daughter to work day)

Every 2-3 months Brian does a date night with each of the kids. Date nights normally consist of dinner out and an activity of some sort like bowling, movie, etc. Natalie is a big "you decide and then don't tell me so I can be surprised" girl. Or she is a big "I'm going to decide but then not tell anyone so they will be surprised" girl. Even on meet the teacher night she had it all planned out. We would go to the list and see who her teacher was but not tell her. Then we would lead her to her class and she could be surprised. She loves surprises!!! A girl after my own heart for sure. Anyway, when it was her turn to decide what to do on date night with Dad she knew exactly what she wanted to do. But she didn't want any of the other kids to know so they could guessed it....SURPRISED! What she doesn't seem to realize is that they didn't really care. But that's neither here nor there. She told Brian that instead of a date night she would like to have a date day and go to work with him. Ummm. Ok. You realize that daddy doesn't work at a zoo or theme park, right? But she really wanted to do this so she could do "office-y" things. We've been to his office before when no one was there and she loved the idea of sitting at a desk and using the intercom. Brian sometimes has to work in the OR so he had to find a day when he was in the office all day and not putting someone to sleep for surgery. You know. Minor details. So last Monday was the day. She got up and put on a nice black dress because she would be attending meetings with Brian. I let her take my camera with her so she could document her day. She even took a bag with some books, notebooks, markers, etc. She was ready!! The plan was for Brian to call me about lunch time and I would meet them somewhere to bring her home because SURELY she would be bored. But nope. Around lunch I got a call from Natalie sobbing on the phone saying "Mom. (sniff, sniff...cry) Would it hurt your (sniff, sniff) feelings if I stayed with daddy (sniff, sniff) all day?". Eh? Brian got on the phone and proceeded to tell me how much this child is like me and how all of sudden she busted out crying because she wanted to stay with him but didn't know if it would make me sad. I love her!! She just melts my heart. "Honey", I said. "I've seen you every day all summer long. Its ok. I'm not mad!". Anyway, the eternal post. I know! But, I had to show you some pictures that she took during one of the meetings they were in. I think these sweet people knew she was doing this but I'm not sure. I just find it funny to think about this 10 year old in a meeting with a camera trying to be discreet.

Daddy and daughter off to bring home the bacon.

I'd like to think that the guy in the background there is NOT making the "I'm going to kill you if you don't put down that camera" sign to my kid!!

Notice the window cleaner in the back? We're just keeping it real, folks.

Thanks everyone for being good sports about my kid being in your office!!


M Holly said...

Natalie, you make us proud!

Elissa said...

Love that girl!! I used to love my dad's office when I was a kid too-- too bad that love affair didn't last as I got older-- no more offices for me, thank you very much! Enjoy em while you can, Nat! :)