Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stinky problem part 2

Yesterday afternoon we finally had another plumber come out to the house to help us find the source of the stinky problem we have had for about 2 months. There are certain times of the day when the smell is almost unbearable. If you didn't see my post down below then go check it out. Anyway, to make a VERY long story short we knew the solution was behind the wall in the laundry room and that cutting was going to be involved. Not good. So at 9 am this morning the work crew arrived and started cutting. They started at the back of the built in cabinets in my laundry room where they thought the pipe was and praise the Lord that is exactly where it was!! They had to cut the back out of the top and bottom cabinets but they think they found the pipe that was the problem. I'm just praying that the solution has been found and that they do not need to come back!! Not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy getting to know Dale, Virgil, and James. Dale was a character and the owner of this little company. He scared me at times because his breathing was very labored as he was on his way out to the 'smoking area'. Funny. Didn't know I had one of those. And James looked so young I think I could be his mother. I'm not kidding. He would be telling me something about my pipes and all I could picture was him playing with his legos before he came over to my house this morning. But you know you're living in the country when the plumber hugs you when he's done and calls you darling. He was like a grandpa just taking care of me...except for the fact that he made me pay him. Don't think my grandpa would have made me pay him. Anyway, they were very tolerant of my taking pictures over their shoulders. They would back up and say "want to get a picture of this?". At the end, Dale said "why don't you get one of all 3 of us next to the truck. Virgil, get out of the way of the sign. Let her see the sign." Love these guys!

Virgil getting started with the cutting...

The fellas. Dale, Virgil, and James.

Now we've got to find a good cabinet guy who can fix the mess. Know anyone?


Tiffany said...

That is hilarious that you took pictures of all of that! They seriously didn't care? I probably would have thought about it, but wouldn't have actually done it, I'm impressed! Lizzie's husband does cabinet's...I think...he's a carpenter. It's worth a shot, I could give you her email and you could check with him and see if he "travels". He's pretty good from all the work I've seen.

TriSara said...

funny post. I can't believe you were taking pictures over their shoulders! Love the last one. It's a keeper.