Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Days 2 and 3

The next couple of days on the cruise were spent at sea. This gave us a great opportunity to take advantage of all of the wonderful things the boat had to offer my kids. Sunday morning I made appointments for me, Natalie, and Emily to get pedicures. This was their first pedicure ever so they thoroughly enjoyed it! We spent the rest of the time doing everything the kids wanted to do. In one day we ice skated, went to a movie, climbed a rock wall, did some body boarding, swam, played bingo, did some karaoke, and ate lots of food. We decided to get the kids a soda pass so that they could have a coke when ever they wanted. If you know me at all then you know that the kids do not get sodas all that much. Especially not caffeinated ones. But I decided not to care this week so they took real advantage of that! Every time I turned around those people had a fresh cherry coke in their hands. It was priceless and a wonderful memory for this mama. And for them too, I'm sure! I just informed them that they will not be flashing that pass at me for the rest of the summer expecting a cherry coke to arrive with a fancy straw. No sirreebob. Uh-uh. We ended each night going to the shows which I was completely surprised that they loved! Even Adiah! I was so tired by that time each night that I could have done with out them but I'm glad we went just to see the joy in their eyes! By Tuesday, though, we were ready for some time off of the boat and our first stop was St. Maarten...

I love these next two pictures because it shows what has been going on with Adiah and her siblings lately. She is becoming really bossy with them and "getting on" to them quite a bit and then she slaps at the air like she is spanking them. Its funny but we're trying to get it under control just a tad. Here she is telling Ridge and Natalie what to do. Notice how they are just staring at her.

My sweet kids enjoying the lazy river...

Hot tub time! It was kind of chilly the whole week so this is where I preferred to be. I don't do cold water!!

Emily waiting her turn for the pedicure

Natalie was in heaven!! Getting her feet rubbed may be her new favorite thing!

Gearing up for some rock climbing

Even though Adiah didn't rock climb she wanted to wear a helmet like everyone else. But that seemed to just fuel her fire and when she was told she could not actually climb up the big wall a fit promptly happened. Someday, baby girl. Someday!

I only put this picture of me and my back side on here so I could prove to everyone that I actually do come out from behind the camera and participate in life. It was fun and scary all at the same time!

Again. Adiah didn't like that she couldn't body board with everyone else. That poor guy was the operator of the flow rider and was going to be sweet and take her out there for a little bit even though he wasn't supposed to. She wouldn't have it. She wanted to do it herself.

Ridge getting a little instruction before taking off. He did so good!!

Then flow rider operator guy decided to do some tricks with him. It was fun!

Natalie getting ready to go...

Emily didn't want to do it for some reason. Something about when you fall off the water is going so fast that you could lose your swim suit. Not sure why that would bother her so much. Geez.


Emily Woods said...

That was not it!!! My stomach was hurting that day and I didn't want to do it!

Dianne Doiron said...

Hey Woods Gang,

I am sitting here applauding excitedly!!!!

Glad to see you all had so much fun!

Adiah, certainly has come a LONG WAY in one year! Thank you Jesus!

Kim, Aaron, Jake, Jack and Baby #3 said...

Haha! I love Emily's comment! I hear ya, Emily! ;) Anyhow, glad yall had such a good time. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! And sorry about those table mates. So not nice. Eww.

Kristi said...

Looks like two days at sea were a fun way to start a vacation! Ian and I took a cruise that started with two days at sea and then stopped at St. Maarten for our first anniversary. I can't wait to read about more of your trip!