Thursday, April 23, 2009

New York City, baby!!

Brian and I returned last night from New York. Brian had been there since last Wednesday taking a study course and taking his board exam. He doesn't know the results yet but feels ok about how he did. We'll certainly be glad to get that hurdle behind us! I flew up Monday morning to spend a couple of days with him there. I was supposed to arrive around 3 pm on Monday but didn't' get there until after 8 due to bad weather. We were delayed 2 hours in the airport and then once we were on the plane we were delayed another hour on the ground and ANOTHER hour circling around in the air over New York. It was good times. I really got to know the grumpy Chicago man sitting next to me and the angry elderly lady next to him. She decided to go to the bathroom 10 minutes before we landed which caused the flight attendants to bang on the door and tell her to hurry up. Which then sent her into a tizzy about how they "really just didn't want her using the First Class bathroom. That THEY didn't think SHE was good enough for it because she was in coach. And that she had an anxiety disorder that she could PROVE by showing her medication. And that her underwear was pulled up all crooked because they were banging on the door and somewhere in there she cracked her toenail." Wow. Once I was there, though, it was delightful!! I sure wish we had more time!!! Tuesday we did a lot of sight seeing. As much as one can see in one day, anyway! Its so strange to walk around in a city that I've seen on TV and movies. I kept saying "oh that was on so and so"! And then Tuesday night we saw the musical In the Heights. So good!!! We absolutely loved it! I was really anticipating all of the food I was going to eat while I was there so here is the rundown of what I ate...bear with me. Monday night when I arrived we ate at a sushi place called Hura(or Huri or Horu or Hara, maybe????) That was super good!! And on Tuesday during the day we ate at a little pizza joint called Pronto pizza and pasta. Oh my word. Such yummy goodness was the slice of pepperoni and sausage pizza I had!!! I could have had another but I'm a lady after all. Whatever. After the musical that night we ate at some little Italian steak house. I can't remember the name of it because we just walked around until we found some place nice to eat. I was stuffed silly by the time we flew home on Wednesday.

Supposed to be the ice skating rink but its coming down for the summer.

Driving by Ground Zero. Very surreal to be there. Its pretty much blocked off from the public so you can't see too much. I just stood there thinking back to that day. Its humbling.

Some tributes to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to those who carry on.....

Ridge requested a picture of the Statue of Liberty. We obliged. We took a ferry to Liberty Island because it was too foggy to see it from afar.

This was being set up for a segment on one of the morning shows on Tuesday. I don't know which one and we didn't have time to stick around and wait. Did anyone see it?

Silly Brian
Our room was tiny!!! I was sitting on the head of the bed and took this picture of the wall. Barely enough room to walk by the end of the bed!!


Kristi said...

That makes me wish my sister still lived in NYC. (Well, not really, but it was fun to visit here once a year when she lived there...)
I'm glad you had a great time. I've got an idea, we should plan a bloggy girl weekend in NYC sometime! My sister could come up and serve as tour guide.

Tonya said...

I love to visit New York City! Those pictures bring back fun memories! I'm glad you both had a great time! You made me laugh describing the little old lady who was using the bathroom and broke her toenail...that's hilarious!
Glad you both home safe and trip...CHINA!