Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Look at the time!!!

Why am I up at such an EVIL hour? About 30 minutes ago, at 2 am, my husband got up to go to the bathroom. This happens every night. 99.9% of the time I just turn over and go back to sleep. But for some reason I woke right up. I layed there for awhile hoping and praying I would be able to fall back into blissful slumber. But alas. I'm up. Today(or I guess yesterday would be more accurate) I had a very long day. I started the day very early with my quiet time and then the kids got up and I spent the next couple of hours distributing them to their respective schools. All of that was very normal. I came home and got on the treadmill for a bit and then the craziness started. I had to be on a conference call with our adoption agency so they could fill everyone in on the changes in their "waiting child" program. Before, when we adopted Adiah, we got her through the waiting child program. We filled out an application and checked off the "needs" that we felt we as a family could handle. We prayerfully considered ALL of the needs on that list. Some were severe and some were very minor in our book. We did not check alot of them. When our agency would get a list of children that could be adopted they would pray over all of those children, pray over each family who was waiting for a child, and then make the calls. It was some what predictable. Some what. But now its a little different. We still have to look at a checklist of special needs and check them off but the list is a little more specific. The China waiting child program has changed quite a bit from when we were adopting Adiah. They now do shared lists. Which means agencies from all over the world have access to the same files of children. If our agency were to call us and ask us to review a file of a child some one in Spain may be reviewing that same file. Basically its first come first serve. There were some other changes they told us about too on that conference call but all of that got me thinking....THIS IS HUGE!! We are not just looking at files. These are children's LIVES we are talking about here. You have to decide so quickly if you are willing to adopt that child that we MUST be bathing this entire process in prayer. I've just told God...."YOU bring us the child you ordained for this family. I trust you and you alone here. I'm not stressing about it. What ever the needs, God. What ever the situation. You already know and have this all worked out. Thank you!" Its a very overwhelming process......... Anyway, back to my day. After the call I took a quick shower and ran to get Adiah from Mother's Day Out. I then went and picked up all of the other kids from school and off we went to the dr for physicals and TB tests. All of this has to be done for our paperwork for the adoption. Actually, Adiah and Emily already had their physicals a couple of weeks ago. Nat and Ridge were the last of us to get them done. Just want to give a little shout out to Dr. Sweet for doing so much for us yesterday!! We had a slew of things going on all at one time in that room!! After we get our TB tests read on Thursday I will be finished gathering our documents for our home study. We have our first visit with our social worker this Saturday!! After the dr's appt we ran home to meet the babysitter. I had been asked a couple of weeks ago by our pastor at our new church if he could video my testimony to be used as part of sermon series he is doing in April. So we ran up to the church and spent about an hour and a half doing that. Its weird to tell your story sitting on a couch with your husband in a tiny room with bright lights shining in your face, microphones clipped to your shirt, a microphone guy holding a large mic above your head, 2 cameras pointing at you, your pastor sitting there asking you questions...steering you along, and random other people watching from behind camera. Weird I tell ya! Maybe not for some of you pros out there but for me it was!! But I was glad to do it and just want God to be glorified! My story is my story because of Him. The victory is His!! Its amazing how satan will try and make you question your words after giving your testimony. I mean I sat there later analyzing everything and wishing I'd said certain things that I forgot. When finally I heard God say...."stop. You did your best. Let ME do the everything else". And that's what I'm choosing to do. Brian and I finally got some dinner about 8 pm last night and came home. Whew! After watching the Biggest Loser we went to bed. But now I'm up just 4 hours later. Geez.

So I was hoping that typing all of this out would make me sleepy. Actually, its made me thirsty. I think I'll go get some water. Good night....or morning....or whatever it is!


Kristi said...

There is some stress involved with the shared list, but if you are praying all along you and I both know that God will prevent anyone else from taking your child home. Caleb was on the shared list and that was the most tense 24 hours waiting to talk to our doctor, praying that no one else from anywhere in the world would find him before we were able to confirm "YES." I'll be praying for you!

TriSara said...

I agree with your prayer that God will bring your child to your family and the lists will take care of themselves!

Have you ever prayed for God to multiply your time? I have done that when I needed more rest than I had time for. It works! Hope you get rested.

Wife of the Pres. said...

I am up at this hour sometimes too!!! Except lately a sweet little girl is crying out … and sometimes I cry with her b/c I can't take away her hurt. It seems her latest hospital stay has brought back some tough memories for her.

OK, switching gears here but I would love for you to keep following our blog. I didn't know you did!!! I have followed your since the beginning as I was completely obsessed (uh … interested :) in other AWAA families ahead of us on the journey! I will email you through the AWAA SN group. Would that work?

Right now, I don't have it ready yet. I understand html code (well enough to be dangerous) but this other wordpress code has me whooped!!!

Thanks for sharing and I wish S and Adiah could play. S LOVES her Elmo too and just last night, she fed him some Pediasure. Now he smells but hey, it was still sweet!!!

Amy Woods said...

Wife of Prez(don't want to put your name on here!) yes just email me through the AWAA SN group. Thats is perfect!

Heather said...

I just found your blog and love reading!! You have a beautiful family!! This was a great post!