Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sicky days....

It seems that the sick bugs keep coming around here. Now we've got a little stomach bug that I started with on Sunday night, Natalie had it yesterday, and Ridge has it today. Adiah's back on an antibiotic and doing better so that's good! I've just been praying and declaring that my family and my home will be healthy!! Enough with this stuff!!! But today was cleaning day so Adiah and I played in the office while Ridge stayed on the couch. Here are some pictures from our impromptu photo shoot. This girl LOVES wearing a tutu. She brings them to me after she gets ready in the morning and says "Oouuuunnn". That's "on" in Adiah talk.

Spinning around and around in daddy's chair...

She was very disturbed by me putting this stocking next to her. Truly. It was if I had just hurt her feelings so badly. Whatever, girl! I wanted to show her new stocking that came in. We can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!

Tutu girl

Trying to get her to say cheese. She loves to get on daddy's chair and eat her snack. Such a diva!

Trashy lady!!

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