Saturday, October 11, 2008


I seriously can't believe it is October already!! Today was an odd day where we were all actually home at the same time. Enjoying each other. As a family. Nothing to do. Its just craziness I tell you! Actually, Brian is sort of sick so you can be praying for him. But it didn't stop us (too much) from doing some things we've been waiting for a free moment to do. The kids saved up their money (and we helped a tiny bit) to buy a couple of four wheelers!! We have been blessed with some land to ride on so they've been chomping at the bit to do this. So today we set out to find some relatively cheap ATV's. We were successful and were able to come home and ride around our property. Our neighbors, the Childress(is it 's or s'? I never know.) also have 2 little girls and some 4 wheelers. We spent the evening riding around our 2 yards and letting the parent's visit. Except for a little girl who refused to fall asleep in the car and seriously needs to go to!! So I'm just going to add some pictures for you to see of our day today. Have a great Sunday!!

Emily coming down the driveway...

Em's on the pink camo 4-wheeler

Nat on the green camo 4-wheeler(notice the helmets...its our rule. You wear!)

Taking a picture of the neighbors and Brian from our driveway

Miss Adiah from a couple of days ago. Eating her cheese nips on Brian's office chair. Can't beat a little comfort!
Ridge really did exist today! He just was busy planting his apple seeds from his apple the other day hoping to grow a tree! Too cute!!!


Tiffany said...

A couple things..

-I'm still waiting on my hot singing telegram guy, everytime my doorbell rings, I make sure I look good and I'm sorely disapointed :(
-I'm a mom with no kids and I'm glad you are making them wear helmets.
-will appleseeds really grow a tree? If so, I'm running outside right NOW to plant mine! That's the cheapest landscaping I can do! But, I'm not sure my HOA will allow that type of tree in my neighborhood :(

Linda "Grammy" Woods said...

Too cute! You all will have to bring the 4-wheelers out Thanksgiving to ride! So, we have a little "Johnny Appleseed" cool ... tell him to save some seed for Papa and Grammy's house!!!

MattandSara said...

Is there a Noah sized helmet? I've avoided showing Hollyn these pictures because she might then walk to your house to ride one of those. I'm sure this mama is going to have to pray alot while my kids are riding those!

Jodi said...

Glad you all are being careful and respectful of those powerful machines. Sounds like fun - though. My boys have begged forever for something other than an electric scooter (they wear helmets on them too). Daddy wants to give in. We will have to see! Your puppy is so darned cute! Take care!

TriSara said...

Your house sounds like a blast! You know what a cool parent you are, right?! Those are the neatest toys ever!

Denise said...

Hey girl, haven't checked on you in awhile. Can you believe that it has been a year since we were given these precious gifts? Adiah looks wonderful. Happy Fall~