Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roommate Reunion....or Stacey's wedding!

I just returned from Salado, TX....know where that is? My roommate from college, Stacey, got married yesterday there. Oh, it was such a sweet time!!! One of the good things about being in a wedding when your 35 is that you can truly appreciate all the joy that a wedding brings. Really!! My other roommates, Sarah and Missy, were in the wedding too and we had a mini reunion. I LOVED it!! I picked Missy(who lives in Michigan now) up in Arlington on Thursday and we drove down to Salado just chatting the whole way. As if no time had passed at all. And then on Friday, Sarah(who lives in Nashville now) got to town. We went to Stacey's bridesmaid brunch and then off to get our toe nails done! We laughed and cried and had such a good time! Stacey was absolutely stunning!!! She is such a mighty woman of God and you could tell that through ALL of the people who's lives she had touched that showed up to the wedding. We did sort of laugh because my back is out, Missy was hacking up a lung, and Sarah had hurt her tail bone. All of that and we got to walk down the aisle in hot pink dresses. Seriously, that's what she gets for having such old bridesmaids!! But really, I loved every minute of it and can't wait to get the 4 of us back together again soon. I love you girls!!!

Here is Stacey getting her gown on. She was a little concerned that it wouldn't zip thus the face!

Missy and Sarah...haven't changed a bit!!!

The roommates! Such a fun time!!

Stacey and Sheri- Sheri went to college with us too and is Stacey's dear friend

Stacey (who is the ultimate goof ball) will always strike a pose if she thinks the camera is on her. She loves her some attention!!!


Jenna said...

I am so very happy for her!!! She is one of the nicest people whom I have ever met. Tell her that I said, "congratulations" (I don't have her contact info anymore).

MattandSara said...

I love seeing you girls back together! I can't believe how amazing all of you look...not that you shouldn't but you guys have definitely aged well. Glad it was a great weekend

Julie said...

So fun to see familiar faces! Tell Sara W. a big hi for me - I miss that family! :)
I'm heading out to a fun weekend with college friends in 2 weeks and I can hardly wait - not much better in life than old friends! (old as in the friendship, not the person of course. hehe!)

Lizard said...

I love Salado. We used to go there all the time!

Kendra said...

Oh, it's so neat to see you girls all together! Nathalie gave me a brief recap - sure wished we had been able to be there as well. LOVE Stacey.