Friday, July 25, 2008

Look Who's Two!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!! Look who turned two! Adiah! What would we do without our sweet girl? It sounds so cliche but it seems as if she has always been a part of this family. One of my favorite things about this girl is her sweet smile. I think anyone who has seen her would know that when she smiles her whole face smiles!! I also love how she walks on her tippy toes like she is such a princess! She is such a girlie girl!! And one of my absolute favorite things is how she LOVES to eat. Anything!! And whether its her first bite or her last bite of the same thing she goes "Mmmmm!!!" and does a little shoulder dance out of joy! I love it!! Adiah has taught us how to trust the Lord on a whole new level. The process to get her was very trying but nothing compares to having her placed in our arms and knowing that WE were responsible for her. In the beginning I was very scared that I just wouldn't have it in me. But the Lord showed me otherwise and I'm so thankful! Adiah, it is an honor to have you as our daughter! Thank you for teaching us how to love a little deeper and to laugh a little more often! You are our princess!!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!! We love you!!

The infamous tippy toe walk!

This wonderful cake that Tiffany made for her party! It was yummy!! She also made her a "smash" cake since we missed her first birthday celebration.

Miss Thang not knowing what to do with all the attention and gifts!!

I love this look on her face! She got the hokey pokey Elmo and it was like "Are you KIDDING me? That's for me?"

Singing Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! I couldn't help getting choked up looking around at the room filled with people who love her. It was very emotional for this mommy!!

Not quite smashing her smash cake. Such a diva!

Using a fork instead!

No Princess party is complete without the princess picking her nose....


Mimi Martin said...

Happy happy birthday sweet Adiah!! Wow, how you have grown and changed in only 4 months. You are so loved and adored.

Linda "Grammy" Woods said...

HAPPY 'REAL' BIRTHDAY, ADIAH!!! You are a little princess alright ... we'll be looking forward to seeing how all that bottled up excitement continues to bubble out - whether by dancing, in smiles or however. May God bless you with many many more birthday's to come.
Grammy and Papa

Kim, Aaron, Jake, and Jack said...

How precious is she!? Goodness! I still can't wait to see her! Hopefully soon! Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the summer (what's left of it at least!). Love yall!

MattandSara said...

Happy Birthday DiDa!

Hannah (and the rest of the crew)

Amy Pierce said...

Happy Birthday Adiah! What a cutie!
-Amy P.

Jeanette said...

Awe!!! Happy Birthday Adiah! Amy, it seems like yesterday we just sent our dossiers to China. What a blessing it is to see her home, where she belongs, celebrating her birthday with the family God designed just for her. I'm sure it was a wonderfully special day!

Dawn said...

Your post was so sweet! It gave me goose bumps! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADIAH!

Missie Land said...

Hey Amy what a cute family. How is everything going? I would love to catch up sometime when you have time my email is or take care!!
Melissa "Missy" Land

Salvador Family said...

Hi Amy! I cannot believe how fast time has passed and how lacking I've been in the "blogging and chat world"! I have not had the time to check on everyone (sad to say!) so please forgive me! Adiah is just beautiful and has grown so much since China! Glad to hear her surgery went well! Hope everything else is good with you guys!
Take care and have a great weekend!
Tina Salvador