Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

Today is my baby girl's 11th birthday! I can hardly believe it! It seems just like yesterday that I was giving birth to her. She has grown and matured into this beautiful and gentle young women(did I really just type that- woman? sheesh!!!) She has a way that gets you to think about things in a deep way. With the oldest child, sometimes parents tend to be the hardest on them. I find myself doing that sometimes. Its not always right but she handles it with such grace. She has a big heart and forgives easily. Thank you, Em! She is passionate about what she loves in life and is a loyal friend. She has such a beautiful smile and the best laugh. She is a goof ball and she has a serious side to her just like her daddy. She is a great big sister and a wonderful, wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday, sweet Emily! Daddy and I love you beyond words. I can't believe you are 11!!!!

Nov. 2007
Loving the fake moose at Great Wolf Lodge- June 2008

Em and her good friend Rebecca-May 2008

See that smile? Love it!

Happy Birthday Emily! The cake that she decorated herself this weekend!


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to Emily! What a beautiful girl!


Amy Pierce said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! You are certainly all those wonderful things your mom said about you in her post. What a beautiful young woman you are! Have a super day!

Mimi Martin said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILY! I found the perfect little gift for you while at the coast this weekend. See ya soon.

Dianne Doiron said...


A. Dianne

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday (again), Em. We love that you are all the things that your Mom said! God has graced this family with your wonderful attributes. We love you!
Papa and Mommy Holly