Monday, May 12, 2008

Not much going on....

Just wanted to check in with everyone....maybe post a few pictures from the week. First of all, for those who know that my sister, Sara, is in China right now, she and the rest of the group are fine. They were not affected by the earthquake but there are thousands who were. Please pray for the people in China who lost loved ones and now have to put their lives back together. Also, please pray that Sara and the gang arrive home safely. They will arrive back in Dallas on Friday afternoon, thank you, Jesus!! Tomorrow I "get" to take Adiah for her first shots. We did blood work about a month ago to see what all she has had. So that should be fun! We are quickly winding down the school year and I had the realization yesterday that we move in 1 month!!! Crazy!! Praise the Lord that we are having a moving company come in to pack and move us! Again...thank you Jesus! This past Saturday I got the privilege of helping throw my friend, Britney, a baby shower. It was SUCH fun and she really had a fabulous turn out! Thank you, Molly for letting us use your wonderful new home! Okay, on to some pictures....

Last week, right as we were walking home from school, the skies opened up and it rained like there was no tomorrow. My cutie patootie little boy standing in the rain!!

Busted!! I found my youngest daughter trying to climb up into this chair the other day. You really can't turn your back for a second!!!

Success! I took a picture before I promptly took her down and told her "no ma'am".

Last night Adiah crashed on the couch next to me. Photo op!!

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Sarah said...

Was thinking of you today, knowing Adiah was from China, wondering how and if she will ever know if her family members are okay after the quake. Had no idea Sara was in China. Was thrilled to read about her and Matt adopting baby Hannah and that they are safe- praise God! She looks the exact same! Can't wait to see you! Sarah