Friday, May 30, 2008

Natalie's awards

Last night was Natalie's gymnastics awards banquet. Up until yesterday morning she just wasn't sure if she even wanted to go. Alot of the girls on her team have either quit or moved to other gyms. I believe there are only 4 remaining girls from level 4 still on this team. Natalie didn't know if any of her friends would be there but we finally decided to just go. Brian had to work late so he didn't get to join us but heard ALL about it when we got home. Natalie received the standard "just because you were on team" trophy which she was thrilled with. She then went on to receive a "buttercup" award for always having a hug for her coaches and teammates. She really is a great hugger. She promptly ate that award since it WAS a peanut butter cup. And then she was very shocked when she received the MOST IMPROVED award for her level. Isn't that awesome??? I believe I have said that all year long. I can't believe how far she has come in one year!! Way to go, Nat!! We are so proud of you and how hard you work. Even when you could be doing something fun at home you never complain about going to the gym. You are an inspiration to me!! And you are such a good friend to your teammates. We love you so much!!

*We are moving in about a week and a half. She will be changing gyms and she starts there the day after we move. She will now be on level 5! I can't wait to see what she learns this next year!!!

Sweet Natie Bug!

Posing with one of the coaches, JJ, as she received her Most Improved award!

Nat with both of her trophy's

Poor boy...stuck in a room full of female gymnasts...didn't know how good he had it!!

Miss Adiah enjoyed running around and screaming at inappropriate times (like during a sappy slide show, for example)


edf513 said...

AHH, I can't believe you're moving in a week!

The kids seem like they're doing great! Hope you guys are finding the time to get everything done that goes along with moving. If you need anything - let me know.


MattandSara said...

Congratulations Natie Bug! This girl DOES give the greatest hugs ever. And I'm so excited that she gets to be a level 5. Can't wait for you all to get here...swimming today made me so excited!

MattandSara said...

DUDE, you've been home from China for an eternity....take off the comment moderator, will ya'!

Holly said...

Natalie, we are SO-O-O proud of you! Your determination and stamina are awesome qualities for a gymnast. Soon we'll be seeing you at the olympics!!!!
We love you and a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!! PaPa and Mommy Holly

Mimi Martin said...

Nattie, you are a pure delight. What a gorgeous smile, and the dedication to excellence that you have worked so hard for this year is inspiring to all of us - I'm very proud of you. Bless you always, sweet girl.