Friday, May 2, 2008

From my son. And I quote...

Just a little post about something Ridge said to me this afternoon. He's 7. He was going through his back pack getting out his Friday folder and he pulled out his library book. This conversation followed:

Ridge: Mom, I didn't bring home a regular book today. I brought home this research kind of book. Its about George Washington. (all of this said with such excitement!)

Me: wow(or something like that)

Ridge: Mom, you have GOT to read this book.

Me: why?

Ridge: Because you need to know more than you do about George Washington. I can tell you that much right now.

Me: ****silent stare****

Now, here's what I'd like to know. Do I have something written across my forehead that says "I know nothing about George Washington"?

If you need me tonight I'll be laying in bed reading all about our first President.

(I'll show him....;)


Chelsea said...

Hilarious...what's sad is he would have been right if he was in my house. I need to borrow his book! :) I've already realized how much I DON'T know, and I only have a kindergartener!!

On another note, I have enjoyed catching up on your blog tonight. My goodness, could Adiah be any more BEAUTIFUL?! And, I love seeing that smile of just screams absolute happiness to her core...God is so good!

And, YAY for Elmo too!! :) That is so cute! Sounds like a 2nd b-day party to me!

Elissa said...

That is so funny. Surely you know about that funny white wig and his wife Martha? That would be the extent of my knowledge, so let me know what else you find out so we can both be smarter than a 7 year old.

Jennifer T. said...

Oh wow. That is too funny.

jennifer said...

Too funny! Who knows where they get that stuff!

Cute "cheese" pic!