Thursday, April 10, 2008

Natalie's Party

I'm alive!!! First off let me say I'm so sorry for my lack of posts! In the middle of the night on Sunday I came down with a horrid stomach bug. I kicked my tail. I thought I was over it on Tuesday but I was wrong. I was back in bed all day yesterday. I finally got hooked up to an I.V. last night and got 4 bags of fluids and now I'm doing much better! Now I need to spend lots of good time with my kids because I've literally been a zombie since Sunday. Okay...wanted to do a quick post and tell about Natalie's birthday party. Friday night we went out with Brian's side of the family to celebrate Miss Natie Bug's birthday. We went to Incredible's Pizza(is that right, Gina?) and had a great time. Adiah even enjoyed it for the most part. She had fun showing off her walking and flirting skills. After a while though it became too much and she had a little melt down. And then on Saturday I took Natalie, Emily and 2 of Natalie's friends, Hampton and Amber to the American Girl Bistro. The food was great and Natalie bought out the store with her gift certificate, money from friends, and mom and dad's contribution for her gift. I think they all had a good time and acted like quite the ladies!

All the cousins on Friday night. There are 7 now! Holy Cow!!

The girls stop and pose for me in front of the American Girl store. Hampton, Natalie, Emily, and Amber.

Eating with their dolls

Natalie and Julie

Of course, a birthday isn't a birthday unless Natalie sings to herself. Gotta love that kid!


Britney K said...

What a hoot. I love those little clip on boosters for their dolls. Too cute.
I'm so glad you are feeling better. Hallelujah! 4 bags of fluids. Good gravey! We're on for lunch when you are back on your feet and after I get paid. :)

Jeanette said...

Amy, I am soooooo sorry you were sick. The stomach bug...we'll I'd rather have the flu for a month than deal with that! Glad you are better. Natalie's party at the American Girl store looked like so much fun! I can't wait to do girly things with Sara Beth!

Kari said...

Wow, sorry to hear about the icky stomach thing! Natalie looks as cute as ever as the birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
I had to work the last two weeks on Sunday so haven't met the latest addition to the family. It sounds and looks like she is all girl and adapting well. WOW! She is here and life is good. Praise God that you are all beginning a new journey together. Natalie, a new birthday for you and a new year with a brand new sister to idolize your every move!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Natalie got a sister for her birthday? LOL I'm so glad you are better! Praise God you are all safe and sound and together finally!

Jenn said...

Oh No! So sorry to hear you've not been well! Praying for a speedy full recovery!

Looks like lots of fun was had at Natalie's party!

jennifer said...

That is so cute. Being the mom of all boys, I have never heard of such a restaurant. I love all the doll high chairs. Too funny.

I'm glad you're feeling better. Those stomach bugs are no fun, but I can't believe it lasted that long!

Have a great week.

Rebekah said...

That cake is WAY cute!! It was so good to finally meet Adiah Sunday- she's such a sweetheart, and looks like she's doing really well. Take care!!!

Teagues said...

Hi Amy, Maggie and Rosa said to tell you "hi". They immediatly asked me about you.
My good friend Pam is traveling with Sara in May. We MUST all get together when they get home and settled.
Kailee has her meet in Corinth this Sat but I will be staying home as Hudson would not be fun sitting through it all.
Happy Birthday to Natalie, we went the American Girl Place in Chicago this past fun!

Tina said...

Happy 1 Month Gotcha! Hope all is going well!

Tiffany said...

That cake is amazing! I'm going to copy it! Glad you are feeling better! I'm way behind...