Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow day.....

Well....sort of. Last night large flakes began falling from the sky and the kids just KNEW it was a blizzard! Sorry to disappoint! They were so sad when they realized that school was actually NOT cancelled this morning. But they did enjoy it a little before school. The things that make kids happy!

Emily, Ridge, Kenna, Natalie, and Cullen. Kenna and Cullen are our neighbors who live across the street. We walk to school with them every day. They have another one. Camden. But he was MIA.

Kenna and Natalie discovered this thick sheet of ice on top of some really NASTY water in a drainage area next to their house. They were so excited! Can you tell?

Ridge lending a hand.

They were so enthralled with the ice. Hey! What about the snow!! Seriously........

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Jenn said...

Fun, Fun! We live too far south to get any of that fun stuff. :o(

Golly....look at that ticker just ticken' down the time!! WOW---kind of mesmerizing. :o)