Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Signing off stateside...

Well, folks, this is it! The kids are finishing up watching Idol (you know..priorities) and then we will spend time together praying and talking about the next two weeks. I'm already emotional thinking about it. I have been for days. But its finally here and I'm so thankful even through the sadness. They will be well cared for. I'm not worried. I'm just going to miss them so much. But I'm excited about the time Brian and I will have with each other and Adiah. ADIAH! Can you believe it? We're finally going to get Adiah! The bags are packed for the most part. So tomorrow about 4:45 am we'll leave for the airport. Stink, that's early! And from this point until we return I will be posting on The Road To Adiah (if for some reason that link doesn't work its http://www.theroadtoadiah.blogspot.com/). If you think about it please pray for all of us as we're apart and things are changing. And pray for Adiah as EVERYTHING is changing for her.
So I guess I'll see you in China! Praise God for all of this. Its for your glory, Lord! All of it!

This is what we're taking. 2 checked bags, 2 carry on's, 1 back pack and 1 briefcase. Can we do it?

Brian installing Adiah's car seat this afternoon. It was an Olympic event in and of itself!!


Jennifer T. said...

Yeah! We will be praying for y'all and I can't wait to read all the updates on the other blog!

Chelsea said...

AHHHHHH!!! I can't believe that your little ticker is in single digit hours now!! We will continually lift you all up in prayer and will be waiting anxiously for updates from CHINA!!!! WOO HOOO!!! (Why is it that seeing her carseat in your car hit me so hard?!? She will be sitting there among you in a blink of an eye.)

MattandSara said...

I'VE been emotional all day so I can only imagine how you have been. Haven't wanted to bother you today so I haven't called you. So that will make two weeks and one day...stink. But we're OH so excited for you guys. You better blog and skype so I won't pull all my hair out in the next two weeks. You know we love you guys and we'll have fun with your kids for you and take some pictures. I'll post some on my blog next week if you want to check in. Love you.

Britney K said...

Oh why do I feel sick reading this! I'm so excited but at the same time so emotional! AH! I just texted you before I read this. Girl, it's going to be good. You and your children are COVERED in prayer! My selfish heart will miss you so bad! But I promise to not wish you back one moment before you are due! I love you and can't wait until your first update! LOVE!

Teagues said...

So excited for you guys!!
We spent some time praying together as a family tonight and prayed for all of you leaving tomorrow. We can't wait to follow along!!!
Have an amazing trip!!!

Party of Five said...

Congratulations Amy, Brian and kids!!! The wait has been long but I know definitely worth it for all of you including that sweet baby girl who will soon be loving you in your arms. We will continue to pray for a safe and enjoyable travel to China and back. My love goes out to you wherever you may find yourself. Here comes Mama and Daddy to bring you home sweet child of God!!!!!

EllieNat said...

Somehow found your blog. My best wishes to you on your journey to China. I have 2 precious daughters from China, and I know the excitement!

Jenn said...

The two weeks will fly by and before you know it you'll have all four kiddoes sleeping safely under your roof!!

I'll be checking Adiah's post...can't wait to get updates from CHINA!!

Praying with excitement for you!