Sunday, March 2, 2008

He really did learn something this year!!

So tonight I am reading Ridgedon a story in bed. It's a new book. One we haven't read before. I think he's almost asleep but I'm trying to cherish these last few nights before we leave for China so I keep reading but kind of rushing through it. When out of no where he says "Mom. You need to pay attention to your periods." I kind of laughed but then I thought...he must hear that alot! And he knows what it means when you DON'T pay attention to your periods. Success!!!! I'll have to tell his teacher tomorrow. Then I was praying over him, again, thinking he was asleep. When I finished and turned to walk out of the room I hear him say...."Boy... that was a long one tonight." I love my kids!


M Holly said...

Oh, what a lovely boy he is! I'm going to enjoy being with your kids while you are in China. We will pray, read, play and wait excitedly for your return. What a blessing modern technology is too, because if he gets to missing you too much, we'll just "beam" you up on the computer and YOU can read to him! He'll love it!

Jacinda said...

That's so sweet! What a sweet image of you praying over him and him hearing you. Inspiration!