Friday, March 7, 2008

Adoption Itinerary

We have our itinerary!! Kristen at AWAA just emailed us and told us exactly what we'll be doing. So here is the where, when, how, and we all know the why! In case you were wondering....oh and China is going to be 13 hours ahead of us (currently 14 hours but after daylight savings then it'll go to 13)

Adoption Itinerary

March 12-26th

*Wednesday, March 12th Depart for Beijing

*Thursday, March 13th Arrive in Beijing

*Friday, March 14th Beijing Tour: Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City and Hutong tour(lunch and dinner included-cuz I know you wanted to know that!)

*Saturday, March 15th Beijing Tour: The Summer Palace and Great Wall (lunch and dinner)

*Sunday, March 16th Palm Sunday church service(lunch included); Late afternoon flight to Hefei!!

* Monday, March 17th Gotcha Day! Meet Adiah Hope LoLiang Woods(yeah!!)

* Tuesday, March 18th Civil Affairs Appointment

* March 19th-March 20th Paperwork, Sight-seeing, and Shopping(my favorite!)

* Friday, March 21st Flight to Guangzhou

* Saturday, March 22nd Medical Exam and Paperwork Party

* Sunday, March 23rd Easter Sunday church service and shopping

* Monday, March 24th Consulate Appointment

* Tuesday, March 25th Pick up Adiah's Visa

* Wednesday, March 26th Depart from Guangzhou; Depart from Beijing

Arrive Wednesday, March 26th at 4:09 pm at DFW airport!!


TriSara said...

It's really really real! It takes my breath away to think about you seeing her for the first time. I know that it is unlikely, but I sure wish that you could keep us updated while you are over there. You will have your hands full when you get home, but know that we are all holding our breath to see you all together!

Jenna said...

That is stinking exciting!!

MattandSara said...

AAAHHH!!! Can I come too?

Jenn said...

What an AWESOME Easter Sunday that will be!!

Britney K said...

YEA!!! I am so excited that y'all are going. Um, have we practiced putting up video yet? Also, will y'all have video chat capabilities? We have a camera on our mac! I miss you. :) Let me know if you need anything!!!! Love you!

M Holly said...

I got goose bumps when I read "Gotcha Day!" We've been waiting for a long time for your Gotcha Day - but it's only 9 days away! Can you believe it!

M Holly said...

WOW! That ticker makes my stomach jump up in my throat! I can't believe it's so-o-o close!

Kari said...

We're so happy for you guys! Take care!