Monday, February 11, 2008

New Look and Chinese New Year

First off- Do you LOVE my new blog design??? I'm so excited about it! Thank you to Jennifer T. at Pink Armchair Designs for doing this for me! Go check her out. She rocks!!

On Saturday, the kids and I went to my sister's house to celebrate Chinese New Year. Brian couldn't go because he was on call but we missed him!! Sara made an awesome meal for us which was chicken fried rice. My mom made an asian chicken salad which was great too. We ended the meal with banana pudding....not very Chinese New Yearish but it involved fruit and I believe they eat fruit over there!!! We then passed out red envelopes with cash to all of the kids. The tradition is that every unmarried person gets cash on Chinese New Year. Not sure why but we did it anyway. And then we went outside and did fireworks(you know, since fireworks were invented by the Chinese). We kept screaming Happy Chinese New Year. The neighbors thought we were crazy. They tried to give us a *hint* by turning out their lights in and out of their house. Needless to say, we kept doing them. It was a total blast and look forward to doing it next year with our new daughters! We've already planned to do it at our house next year. And here's a hint...*it won't be far from their house* (Lord willing and the creek don't rise!)

Red envelopes and gifts for the kids....they LOVE Chinese New Year because of all the stuff they get!

Sara and Noah...not sure why this was happening.

Matt helping Noah hold a sparkler

Ridgedon and Natalie having a blast!

Emily's seems a little out of control. We all had puffy eyes the next morning because of the smoke!

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