Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas 2007- TAKE 2!!

We had Christmas with my side of the family this past Saturday and it was such fun! My parents recently bought a house right around the corner from my sister. Literally. They have not moved into it yet as they are still trying to get theirs ready to put on the market but we had Christmas there anyway. The kids had a BLAST on the 8 acres of land. My dad's hunting rig thingy was out there and Emily got a crash course(pun intended) in driving it. She had the privilege of driving the other kids around in it all day. Good times! We opened gifts and did our annual gift exchange with the adults. This gift exchange gets a little competitive so I was proud when we left with all body parts in tact and smiles on our faces. Especially Sara, who was guarding her gift with her life. NO ONE was getting her gift. We then ate some Bubba Q BBQ and called it a night. Adiah got lots of really neat gifts, as well, this weekend. A towel with her name on it, a baby blanket with her name on it and another blanket plus toys. The girl already needs to clean out her room! Well now that Christmas is officially over for us we can look forward to the new year and all that it holds!

Ahhhh, the country life!

The tree...remember this in an empty house we were in. Gotta work with what you have!

Adiah's stash

My dad and his John Deere shirt. You know, he does live in the country now!


Tiffany said...

What? Your parents are moving? Wow, that will be a change, but very exciting! Does your dad want to take my dad's old John Deere tractor with him to his land so it doesn't sit in our backyard? It will fit nicely with his new shirt! Have you seen the thing?

Kari said...

What?! I had no clue they were moving! Weren't they remodeling the current house? Hmmm...I guess you can do what you want when you're retired! LOL

TriSara said...

Where is the family picture? You guys gotta do that! When are you and Brian going to jump on the train and move down there, too?

Sounds like a great Christmas celebration...just think, next year will hopefully include two more sweeties for Emily to cart around!

missy said...

It's been great to catch up a bit with your family and to SEE little Adiah...Precious!!!!! You guys are living so abundantly! I have been pulled towards adopting these last couple of years (China too). Was there ever a specific time when it went from Dream to "let's go"...? I'm lovin' this blog. I'll check in, Missy (Comolli) Harrison

Amy Woods said...


So good to hear from you! We had always talked about adoption...but always a dream until after Brian's accident. Things changed as well as our perspective on life. We began praying for the Lord to show us the way. He just made it clear. We prayed over every piece of paperwork before we sent it!! If you have questions you can give me a holler! I'd love to help if I can! Wow, you too, huh?!? I love it!!

Britney K said...

STEELE MAGNOLIAS! Brad is going to love it! I think that is hilarious! I love you more than my luggage too. Well that's not saying much considering the luggage we have, so I love you MUCH more than our luggage!