Saturday, August 18, 2007

Horse Camp

Emily finished her week at horse camp this week and she had SO much fun!! She began taking Tack Up lessons about 3 weeks ago at Flower Mound Equestrian Center. When one tacks up their horse they are actually grooming and putting all the "stuff" on the horse. There is so much involved in that process. So she took 3 tack up lessons and then did a week of horse camp at the same place. They basically learned more about tacking, veterinarian stuff, dentist stuff, horse shoe stuff(there is a name for it but I forgot it), and riding. Now she gets to start weekly lessons there and she can't wait! Em has been dreaming about and researching horses for several years now. For Christmas we gave her a week at horse camp this summer so that is how she did that. Here are some pictures of her show off day on Friday.

Emily and her horse for the week, Tinna!

Warming up the horses for the show

Emily and Tinna in the stall. She is getting ready to take everything off of her.

The awards ceremony. They each received a blue ribbon and a nerds rope candy! I think the symbolism there is they hung on to their ropes...hhhmmmm??


MattandSara said...

How fun for Emily! I'm glad the much anticipated horse camp was a success.

M Holly said...

Emily, you are living my dream! I am so glad you finally got to do your horse camp. I can't wait to listen to all your stories about the camp. Every time I have seen horses here in Colorado, I've thought of you and wondered how it was going. We will see you soon.

TriSara said...

How fun! Danna got involved with horses and it was very cool. I keep my distance, but think they are such amazing animals. I bet she is going to love the lessons!