Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ode to Starbuck

I'm not even really sure what an "ode" is but I thought it would be fitting to do a little tribute to our beloved cat, Starbuck. Starbuck has been gone for nearly a month now. I'm a terrible cat mommy but the guy liked to be outside! He couldn't help himself. He would come in to eat and say hi every morning but for the most part he like to wander around at night. There were many mornings (very early mornings I might say) that we would get phone calls from people around the neighborhood telling us they had our cat. Someone actually called once and said "he is so pretty. Can I keep him?". Ummm, no. Brian finally bought the cat a tag that said "I like to play outside and then I go home". Very clever! Anyway, Starbuck had this attitude, as most cats do. Unfortunately, his attitude is probably what got him....ahem....we'll just say lost. He loved to lay in the street! He would lay there even if a car was driving down the road. It didn't bother him. He just thought they would go around him. And they did! Many times I would see cars slow to a near crawl and swerve very carefully around him. All the while I'm standing there feeling about an inch big because I have such a snot for a cat. But oh how we loved that snot! He really loved Brian! The one who originally hated cats. They loved each other. I would sometimes have to wait in line to get some lovin' from my husband until Starbuck was done with him. The kids adored him and I was quite fond of him too. He got his name from his creamy color and my frequent trips to Starbucks. Well, Starbuck, we loved you! We hope you are happy where ever you are!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Summer days keep us busy. More posts later...maybe we'll even get a new cat!

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M Holly said...

I can't believe Starbuck is gone. It just makes me so sad (mad, if someone took him). I'm not a cat lover either, but I did like Starbuck. He was one in a million! Hopefully, he will be like a cat I had when I was little. He was gone once for about 6 months, then just showed up at the house.