Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camp Woods

Tomorrow marks the first day of Camp Woods!! We are truly excited and have been anticipating this day for a long time. Several weeks ago my friend, Kimberly, called me and presented this idea. They would keep our kids for a week and we would keep theirs for a week. They went first with Camp Conder in June and boy was it a hit!! I haven't stopped hearing about it and it ended like 4 weeks ago! Doug and Kimberly have 2 children, Hampton and Rees. Rees is Ridgedon's age...6. And Hampton is right in between Emily and Natalie. They all truly love each other. So tomorrow Doug and Kimberly come to drop off the kids while they go on a much needed vacation! Cancun!!! I'm a tad jealous but so glad we get to love on the kids this week. Especially since they told us a couple of weeks ago that they will be moving sometime in 2008. Yikes! So stay tuned for pictures of Camp Woods! And pray for the Camp Directors!!!


M Holly said...

You've got may prayers, girl!


Kari said...

Oh my goodness, you are brave!

Amy Woods said...

Kari...seriously! I know! So far so good though!! Pray for me for Sat. though, because Brian is on call and its all me with 5 kids!!