Wednesday, June 6, 2007

They're Baaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!

Praise the Lord! My family is all under one roof again! I was so happy to see the 5th wheel pull up in front of my house last night! And I'm sure my parents were a little relieved too. The kids had so much fun at Disney World. I've heard many stories already and I'm sure there are hundreds more to hear. Brian and I had a nice "2nd honeymoon" while they were gone. But after a while the house just got too quiet. We've come to realize that the kids add a degree of craziness that we just can't live with out now. I guess that is what being a mommy and daddy is all about. So now the summer can begin! We've already gone swimming today and this was Natalie's first day of team practice for gymnastics. She is level 4! Go Nat! Oh and last night after the kids got home we were eating dinner and Ridge lost his 2nd tooth! Thanks for holding out til you got home, Ridge!! Tooth fairy will be broke at this rate! Happy Summer everyone!!

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MattandSara said...

Loved getting to talk "adoption" with you last night. Somtimes it's nice to talk to people who know the routine and who understand. Most people just ask, "When will you go get her?" As many adoptive parents before me, I'm already growing weary of that question. But will continue to answer until I can say, "In 6-8 weeks!" Yippee! Won't THAT be a day to remember! Now if we can only get those husbands of ours ready!