Thursday, May 3, 2007

How can it be?

Truly...I don't understand how sometimes time seems to stand still. And then there are times like this morning that I am in tears because I can't believe that my baby is about to finish his kindergarten year. Seriously, I don't get it. But as the years washed over me while I watched my son sing a song to the new kindergarteners for next year, I realized how important it is to cherish every moment. ( I know there has got to be a song that would fit this moment...ooh I know...Cherish by Kool and the gang. I'm so dating myself!!) My kids are at the age where they very well could want me to stay at least 10 ft. behind them while we are walking to school because they are embarrassed but they don't! Every night I still get about 20 "I love you's" from them. Although my son, Ridge, likes to wipe off my kisses. He thinks they are gross. But I tell him that when he thinks he is wiping my kisses off....He is actually rubbing them in! Clever! I have some of the best children in the world! I think I need to do a post for each of my them. Keep an eye out for those. Anyway, during the program this morning for the new kindergarteners, Ridge had a solo part, and I'll leave you with it.

I like Workstations. Working on the computers is fun!

Rock on!


Kim said...

Wipe off your kisses!? Oh that what I have to look forward to about that age? I think I'll cry! I love giving Jake kisses. Sometimes I think I must be annoying him, b/c I can't stop kissing him! Boys are so sweet. Anyway, I can't believe your baby is so grown up! Hope to be able to see him and the girls soon! Love yall!

MattandSara said...

Work stations ARE cool, especially that computer one. You're kids are awesome and I find myself gawking at how old they are getting. I was remembering something Emily did when she was around two or three the other day and it was so hard for me to believe that she's going to be 10 soon. I remember 10 and it doesn't feel all that long ago. Thanks for the reminder to cherish (the love we have) err, I mean our kids.

rkmcrae said...

Hey, It's your other sister-Rhonda. So happy you are blogging again! Since I don't get to see everyone on a regular basis, its a great way to share in the many experiences of my nieces and nephews. Sara's bloggs have kept me in stitches over things her kids do or won't do. Anyway, keep BLOGGING and posting PICTURES!!